The Light Phone

Credit card-sized cell phone (pre-launch)

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Clever simple idea. Well done @fiveonthat
@stvmcg Thank you, Steve. Cheers!
Favorite phone today is still the Palm Pixie. This is a good thing.
Here is the post from a few weeks ago for the same product that includes some interesting discussion about the future of this phone from @fiveonthat:
That's genius and very well designed. I would not market this phone like an anti-smartphone but more like an extra-battery.
@emmanueldarmon I would never call it an anti-smartphone (thanks Tech Crunch). Thank you for checking out our project!
Read about this yesterday on a news portal. Well designed, target group is anyone who is on the run from the police :) but for backpackers it will also be of use. Funding will be successful in a few days which proves the potential of the product. If I had money, I would invest in it