The Level by FluidStance

Bring motion to any common work or meeting area

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I've been using a standing desk for years. Shifting your weight around and keeping yourself moving is vital to preventing hip or leg pain if you are on your feet for extended periods. However, even with the gorgeous design, the price point is very steep IMO. Do you see this objection raised often, and how do you go about overcoming it? I might consider if there was an option to try free for 30 days or something.
@jason_ephraim Great question. Before FluidStance, I made footwear for one of the largest adventure brands traveling to China to see our factories. After seeing the distance between design and manufacturing cause issues, I felt it was important to source FluidStance's products as close to home for a couple reasons: 1) Better for the environment, 2) Better quality when we can walk a factory line and sleep in our own bed and 3) albeit selfish, I have young kids and any night I can put my kids to bed and deliver the best product we can make is a win/win. This does increase our "price," but when you look at the total impact, I believe we are less expensive for the "whole part." I employ more people close to home, we are greener and my team is happier when they are not away from their families. Plus, we can be more innovative as our design can be closer to the manufacturer. We source 98% of our products within 500 miles of our office and 100% within the US. With that said, keep an eye out for future product innovation to achieve new price points.
@joelheath thanks for the great story and background. I totally respect your decisions benefiting your employees, environment and community. IMO, if it is being used to justify the price point to people like me, you might do well to build a brand around it's style of employee-friendly, eco-responsible manufacture. Especially, if you want to expand to new products down the road with focus on similar manufacturing goals and audiences. While it's true that this info is covered on the product pages (like here, it's not presented as a value to me. At least if it was branded with a "500mile" badge (or something) that i could click on, i might learn why it's important, how it helps me, how it's better for the environment, etc. Just a few thoughts :) Best of luck!
@jason_ephraim Really great idea. We did bury the local story. I dig the 500 mile badge idea. Thanks
i love my level! only it's hard to keep track of because everyone keeps "borrowing" it;)
@nickwyman and your Level loves you.
We use standup desks at our company and we share one of these Levels - it makes standing fun and keeps me moving while standing. Cool product.
@jimsemick Thanks Jim for nominating us. I dig Product Hunt. Live, Moved.
We have a few of these in our office and they are amazing. I agree w/ Jason that the price point is pretty steep - I'd like to see a lower priced offering - but it's worth every penny. When you stop and think about how much people pay for office chairs these days (gotta spend those VC funds!), why not spend less than a chair and receive the well documented benefits?
@drewlawrence Well said Drew. Thanks for supporting FluidStance. When we built this product, we always thought that a fraction of a chair's price was well worth the benefits of a life in motion.
Good morning everyone. I am the founder of FluidStance and the the inventor of the Level. Almost two years ago, I struck out on this journey to bring motion to the places we need to be at our best, but tend to be sedentary. I am happy to answer questions today, so feel free to hit me up. Live, Moved.