The Learner

Build a daily practice of reflective thinking & learning

A journal, a notebook, an organiser, call it anything you like. Compared to the daunting blank page of typical notebooks we've added in structure, so you can organise your thoughts based on things you have:


There are Tips, Prompts, original artwork and a full Reference section at the back for further reading, learning and general mind-bending and enhancing stuff.

You choose how you use it. Command your own attention and cultivate your own personal path of discovery and action.

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love the idea of this. thinking it can possibly replace my 5 Minute Journal I use everyday.
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@zedsq The Five Minute Journal is great too - The Learner combines mindfulness with intellectual curiosity all in one place. One you work through your current journal, do come and seek out The Learner. Let me know if you have any specific questions in the mean time!
Hey all, if you have any questions about The Learner, leave them in the comments sections and I’ll try my best to be useful. Cheers, H