The League 2.0

You're smart, busy & ambitious. Date, intelligently

The League2.0 takes everything that worked with The League1.0: the double authentication with Facebook & LinkedIn, privacy from facebook friends and linkedin coworkers and connections, and the same high-quality vetted community of ambitious individuals, and adds awesome community features and group chat allowing our members to easily meet each other offline via events or group activities. One of the core issues with dating apps is the activation energy required to get out of your comfort zone and spend 1-2 hours meeting someone new, which often doesn't pan out as we all know. This is part of the reason 'ghosting' is such a problem in dating apps because taking the last step to 'going offline' is a big jump for people. With League2.0 we focused on how to build features and leverage group chat in a way that could allow our users to easily meet potential matches doing what they love to do anyway, whether it's at the events they are going to with their friends, or engaging in interest-based activities that they enjoy. This takes the pressure of the whole experience and makes it much more enjoyable way to meet new people. The group chat allows our users to coordinate their own meetups as well, so they aren't dependent on The League to host the event, or to make the connection. OFFLINE HANGING > ONLINE DATING, and we're making offline cool again. Check it out!
@pearlouise Have you expanded the locations offered at all? I know I checked this out at one point, but it wasn't available in my area so I wasn't able to explore the functionality all the way.
@whichwayeileen We launched LA today! And now with the new platform we can roll cities out at the push of a button so will likely be in your area very soon!
@pearlouise Awesome! I'll keep an eye out for it. Best wishes for the launch!
@pearlouise can you guys accept me in?
@mrsharma You seem leagueworthy to me!! :)
Nope, nope, nope & nope on so many levels.
@glvninpdx what's the point of commenting this?
@nivo0o0 You and me have clashed on Twitter on stuff pertaining to the meritocracy before, Niv, so I'm hoping that you can understand where I'm coming from. This app exists to promote a dating service which caters to rich people––almost entirely white, upper middle class, and upwardly mobile. Ms Bradford has said in several interviews that she's looking for elitists to join her app. OK. Great. This app would work in a perfect world where we want to belong to a community of people who think and act as we do. But we don't live in a perfect world, and I'm already distressed at the amount of money and media attention that this app has garnered, in addition to a bevy of critical commentary. This app and the environment in which it was engendered is deeply problematic. It's problematic to people of color, and judging from the media kit, deeply problematic to LGBTQ people, as well. Her approach to keeping the community groomed is actual vetting, which I have a huge problem with, both from a privacy standpoint (Facebook logins and all) and a moral one, as well. This app has a huge waitlist, a lot of buzz, and a great deal of spiritual and moral problems residing in its target market and purpose. And the sad reality is, Niv, that for the vast majority of people who live in the US where this is being launched, most of them would not even have the opportunity of being part of what I'm assuming is a great, safe service, either because they're not paid enough, they don't belong to the LinkedIn success cabal, or cannot aspire in any way towards demonstrably white, Western beauty standards. It's apps like these that make the tech industry look like a bevy of selfish, self-centered, rich people with no proper consideration of how their privilege and money construct their reality. That's not a community I want to belong to, nor a service I'd be willing to pay $15 for, nor an app I'd upvote on Product Hunt. Not at this time when so much relies on our ability to be aware of the role that money and power play in society, and not at any other time.
After waiting on the waitlist for two years, I was about to give up. Instead, I put down the $179 to get into the app. I was notified I was 1st of 140,000 people and nothing else happened. I emailed for a refund twice and contacted the inapp concierge and didn't hear back - so I had to contact Apple. Why was I offered to waste $179 if I wasn't even going to be let into the app? I was then invited to an 'exclusive' league party - as long as I paid $50 to get in. Yeah right. From friends actually on the app - I've been told it's very white-washed, not LGBT friendly, and not very 'vetted' either.