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Ha! An elaborate scheme to sell cat collars. 😸
@rrhoover Except they're funding this out of the extra profits from Exploding Kittens, and are making a loss on the project. Kudos to Matthew and the team behind this. :)
@rrhoover A genius way to sell cat collars? Yes! But, is this a clever idea that might actually be good for cats? No doubt.
I love to see how Matthew uses his fame to add value. First the running series, and now this. Very cool! Don't get me wrong, I know he'll make money in the process, but this does really feel genuine and makes me want to dress up a kitty into an orange party hat. Good job!
Love the art!
Terrific idea. I see posts everyday about a cat found with a collar and no details. I just hope cat owners would sacrifice "fashion" collars for the safety of their cats.