The Kitchen Safe

Fight temptation by putting vice in a timer-locked container

You cannot always count on your willpower but you can always count on The Kitchen Safe. The Kitchen Safe will prevent you from regretting your mistakes by not doing them. Put the thing that is distracting you from your healthy life in and forget about it for a certain period of time! You can put these sweet cookies in, your phone, cards and so on!

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With New Years resolutions coming up, we should do a collection of products to help build healthful habits. Here are a few others: - Self Control - Avoid distracting websites - Mobile Flow - Eliminate digital distractions - Focus - A Mac app to block distracting websites - Forest - Stay focused, stop phubbing - OneTask - Focus on one thing at a time - Checky - How many times a day do you check your phone? What else?
@rrhoover kinda the same idea here right?
@rrhoover How about good old @stayfocusd or that handy @Miranda_July video?
You could have an entire collection of Pomodoro tools too. Don't forget POMODORYO ;-)
@rrhoover BRILLIANT.
@rrhoover I use ZoneBox for setting an amount of time to work on a particular task: