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This is all on The App Guy podcast, created and hosted by my friend Paul Kemp. It's an amazing collection of interviews with successful Kickstarters, who talk about HOW they managed to fund raise their projects. You'll love it. :)
I've listened to a few of these and wish I had this information back when I began my one-sided relationship with Kickstarter lol ;) Thanks for sharing the knowledge @Paul_S_Kemp :) And I agree, a list of interesting facts and data on each successful campaign would be a great way to finish of the stories.
Thanks Violeta. I've really enjoyed interviewing loads of great founders over the years. As everyone here on PH can probably guess by the title, Kickstarter Stories are a hand curated list of interviews with founders involved in Kickstarter campaigns. A handful of the recordings also include my pre and post interview chat to give maximum value. I'm around if anyone has any questions or can suggest any Kickstarters to add to the list.
@paul_s_kemp Some nice interviews Paul. Have considered starting Kickstarter creator interviews through CrowdLoot - I'm thinking that a grid layout like Dorm Room Tycoon would work really well here, especially if you can add some project data to them (amount raised, when funded, etc.) For those interested in Kickstarter interviews, also worth checking out Matt's got over 100 interviews.
@rossdcurrie Ross. You are so well connected in the Kickstarter space. Do you think you can introduce me to some of your contacts who have appeared on Crowdloot? I'll get them on my podcast. Sometimes, this is the only funding option for the app entrepreneurs who listen to my episodes. Hence, my interest in Kickstarter over the last few years.
@paul_s_kemp Sure thing Paul, let's chat in MakerHunt. It's great to see another KS-inspired product on here, as I'm just getting ready to do the third iteration of CrowdLoot (which is my answer to "What do I do when ProductHunt is probably going to launch a Crowdfunding vertical" even though @rrhoover has said that he thinks the platforms curate sufficiently on their own)
@paul_s_kemp, Paul has such a great podcast, although it might be that he's partly blessed with having an amazing easy voice to listen to. The depth of his podcasts and the range of guests he has on the show are always inspirational. If you want to launch a campaign on Kickstarter these are the podcasts to listen to and be inspired!
@jcvangent It's great to get such positive feedback about my radio voice. I only wish I'd discovered this earlier in life, but at least I'm now following my passion. :-)
@paul_s_kemp and doing a good job with it! Keep up the good work Paul!
I'm currently live broadcasting on my website celebrating The Kickstarter Stories being on Product Hunt. It'll end at 3pm (UK) and start again 8pm (UK). Come and join me.
@paul_s_kemp Awesome Paul! I am really impressed by the stuff you do!