The JFDI Cast

Daily podcast from ustwo co-founder Mills about JFDI

The JFDI CAST is a daily show where I just talk for 20 mins about just f*****g doing something. Stop procrastinating, stop overthinking, stop planning and just f*****g do it (and learn from it.)

I am an ultra runner and when I am not running I am pretending I am leading ustwo which I co-founded with my best mate 15 years ago.

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Mills is the co-founder of ustwo - the digital product studio behind the Apple award-winning Monument Valley game, among many other incredible apps and games. In this daily podcast, he applies his signature frenetic thinking to a whole host of topics from JFDI to marketing, running, life, lessons - and all presented in an engaging, very real and often humorous way.

I first interviewed Mills around 8 years ago - he has a special journey to tell from the start of ustwo to the famous Monument Valley game and beyond. And the biggest plus is his raw honesty about topics most founders shy away from discussing in public. A must-listen for founders, makers, designers, creators everywhere.


Great array of topics discussed in highly engaging and frenetic way


Mills likes to go off on a tangent sometimes - part of his charm!

Thanks for hunting @daniellenewnham, can't wait to listen @millsustwo 😄 ustwo are pretty iconic in the London startup scene 🇬🇧, never shying away from being renegade and pioneering. Glad to see there's now a way for people everywhere to tap into that energy through the podcast. 💯
@millsustwo @abadesi yay - it's really good
YOOOOOOOOOOO000000000!!!!! Mills is a whirlwind of ambition, honesty and humble eyes wide open wonder. This podcast is your daily juice of inspiration from someone who has experienced incredible things and is now on a mission to learn, experience and soak up all that the world has to offer by JUST FUCKING DOING IT (without swearing too much). Listen.
Hello, Good App, Tell me please, can you make an analog for Android?