The Jay & Farhad Show - Startup L Jackson

Startup L Jackson Explains Silicon Valley and Startups

I thought I'd finally nailed who it was by the the speech pattern and the word choice. But the content doesn't fit. Damn.
Jay Yarow (Business Insider), Farhad Manjoo (New York Times), and the anonymous Startup L Jackson talk all about startup companies.
This is one episode of the @jyarow & @fmanjoo Show no one will want to miss. *Listens Now* Impressive that the @StartupLJackson mystery has not been solved yet, one of the best kept secrets in Silicon Valley, @rrhoover 😈
@nivo0o0 The voice modification always freaks me out. Cool interview, though.
Listening to this now (on the new PH app). @startupljackson makes a great point about the fault in comparing the valuation of public companies to private startups. They have different growth rates where early/private startups must and are expected to grow much much faster.
Who is @StartupLJackson I still don't know...