The IoT List

A directory of all the best IoT resources and products.

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Espen Eik
Digital thinker, strategist & geek.
Hi! I'm Espen, I live in Norway with my wife and 2 kids. I'm in my mid-30s.. yesss (sadface). People would say I am a geek, and I have to admit - I am! I work with PR and communications in the IT industry. I'm obsessed with Internet of Things, so I made this. What is it? The IoT List is a curated directory / site of IoT resources and products. Discover the next awesome product or find out how you can start developing stuff! At the moment it got 750+ resources in several categories, like: Software, Hardware, Frameworks, Startups, Products etc. Visitors to the site can submit resources themselves, and together we can build a great site where people can find inspiration building Internet of Things! The lack of easy and well-documented sites related to IoT made me set this up, curating links and information from many places. Big thanks to all of them in the About section! Hope it works for you too ๐Ÿ˜„
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