The Ion Belt

Sleek, safe and stylish portable charging from your belt

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Thank you for your hospitality, Product Hunt. It's an honor! We wanted to build something to address the issue of premature battery death in the mobile devices (namely phones) upon which we increasingly depend. Finding current portable charging solutions either inadequate or inconvenient for our needs, we looked for a way to integrate charging technology seamlessly into our everyday wardrobes and hit upon the belt as the perfect medium to support our personal technology infrastructure. We'd be truly grateful for your thoughts and feedback!
@fashtechcurio your Kickstarter video is hilarious! haha
@fashtechcurio oh excellent! Now i can wear 5 belts at a time. THIS IS GENIUS! THANK YOU Alex
@milann @fashtechcurio Thank you - we tried our best not to be funny, but couldn't help it ;)
@duran_tech @fashtechcurio Thank you Eduardo - so happy you dig it!
I don't know why but I think this is one of those products which are great! But no one will use if bought! It's a very strange use case! Wish you the best! Love the idea though!
@tnsrig Thanks so much for the feedback. I guess we will have to see! It is our hope that the belt becomes the platform through which we integrate more truly useful technology into our everyday lives.
Great! Thats what i call a "conference musthave"! ... Do you have any plans for a non-leather version? High-Five from Germany, Alex.
Let me guess, you tried shoes first but you tripped too many times and then you tried a battery hat, where the wire almost choked you. Now it's a belt, haha indeed, great for conferences.
Have you tried passing this through a TSA checkpoint?
@lynnfredricks Yes, indeed. The team have been wearing the Ion Belt through airport security every time they travel and getting it put on the "safe lists" they keep. The belt is well within Civil Aviation Authority regulations, however, there is not a single body for approving items like this so it is a case of fostering familiarity with the technology as much as possible (which we are working on of course!).