The Interview Cheat Sheet

A two-page printable PDF to prepare you for every interview

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This seems like something that should fall more in the realm of content marketing instead of a pay-to-download product. I visited the site expecting it to be free after giving my email address. While the material is, I'm sure, valuable, $9 for one page of information is a mental barrier for me. Good luck, though!
@beckerjs Thanks very much for your feedback! The Interview Cheat Sheet is based on a chapter from my book, Fearless Salary Negotiation, and I distilled the entire chapter down into a single-page document so it's easy and quick to use. So the value is specifically that it's ONLY one page so you can access it quickly and easily, and use it when you need it most. It's not the volume of content that is valuable, but the actual content itself. Think of it this way: If I could give you something that would help you stand out in every job interview—even on very short notice—and avoid making a very common mistake that costs people thousands of dollars, what would you pay for that thing? This is that thing :)
Hi Product Hunters! I asked myself, "What would my coaching clients need to get ready for an interview in 20 minutes or less?" And this is what I came up with. It's very, very simple by design. A simple, printable two-page PDF to prepare you for every interview
  • What to look for when researching a company
  • How to respond when they ask for your current or desired salary
  • How to answer almost any interview question
  • Common types of questions you should expect
  • Questions you should ask when you get the chance
Review it and keep it handy during each interview Have a phone interview coming up? Print The Interview Cheat Sheet and keep it next to you so you know how to respond when they ask for your current or desired salary, and so you have questions ready to ask. Interviewing in person? Use The Interview Cheat Sheet to guide your company research so you stand out from other candidates. And review The Interview Cheat Sheet before each interview so you know what to expect. Any questions about The Interview Cheat Sheet? Ask away!
Fantastic value! I'm surprised you're only charging $9, given that you have students who have scored thousands of dollars in raises based on this info. I've been kiiinda-sorta considering a jump back into the corporate world, and this is exactly the kind of thing I'll need to ensure my value is respected. Good stuff, keep up the solid work.