The Interview

The movie Kim Jong-un doesn't want you to see, now streaming

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For all non-US people: - Get & YouTube will think you are from US; - If you have US bank card, use it, if not: --- Change country for one of your Google accounts to US; --- Buy Google Play Gift Card. Eg here: They send codes via email; --- Redeem card here: --- Go to YouTube and pay with your credits. Did that myself.
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@nikitakorotaev what a hack! love it.
Canadians are second class citizens when it comes to digital products. The only thing we get first are Zynga games :(
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who knew seth rogen would be the center of such controversy? if only someone involved with the movie would do an AMA :) btw i believe this is the first film on PH!
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Is it US-only release? I'm in Canada and I get "not available in your country".
@volpav Same for Australia, dammit.
See everyone in 90 minutes.