The Intern - On The Chopping Block

Companies get shut down, the podcast is back in limbo.

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This continues to be my favorite podcast (my own podcast is a close second though...)
@matthartman it's one of my newer favorites, too, although I wish it was weekly. I almost forget about it once every other week and it seems as though it's harder to add to a routine when the show is this infrequent.
I know it is still early days but this #podcast is also one of my new favorites. @albtweetin is so relatable! Not to mention @newyorkintern has so far delivered 4 incredibly entertaining narratives about being an intern! I'm all in on this one right now! Great Stuff keep 'em coming!
@albtweetin How often can we expect new episodes? (I would contact you using @anchor, but I'm a Windows Phone user)
@askdaylen new ep every ~3 weeks. would love to release more often, but as one-woman team producing in a narrative style, production takes a while! (this may change tho, so stay tuned ;) )