The Intern - 1: A Great Success or A Great Failure

Allison tries to explain the internship to her grandpa

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I have a feeling Allison's Grandpa is a star
So great to see the first episode out after the preview got such a great reception last week! You have a fan here @albtweetin :) I also enjoyed seeing you in the @blab session last Friday with @matthartman and @shaanvp !!
Great storytelling @albtweetin! Technical question: If you're living in NYC, how did you manage to record without sirens blaring in the background? I'm only 1/4 kidding. What's your mic setup? (Beginning podcaster here.)
@kadavy hey thanks! I do most of my recording "in the field," so I don't use a traditional studio. Depending on the situation (what I'm doing, who I'm talking to, where I am), I either use the light and handy Zoom iQ6, which plugs into my iPhone, or the Tascam recorder + Beyerdynamic microphone. I do the recording for the narration bits in my apartment and luckily my room doesn't face the street! Good luck with your podcast and reach out if you want to talk more about equipment, setup, etc
I've been looking forward to this since @matthartman told me @betaworks was starting a podcast. Was your grandpa's response surprising to you, @albtweetin?
@rrhoover thanks! And my grandpa's response was completely unsurprising. This guy was a chemical engineer his whole career, raised 8 kids, and has been preaching to us grandkids about saving for retirement since we were in high school.
Allison is the next star of podcasting. Get on this now so you can say you discovered it first.