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Podcasting is the new blog. 😜 @destraynor @jaycee001 - I really like how you've created written content and included photos with each episode. How do you measure ROI of the podcast? The medium is particularly difficult to measure because of the lack of data/feedback loops and sharability of audio content.
@rrhoover - You’re right, podcast ROI is hard and something we thought about before getting started. We have a general belief that all content should be consumable in any form the consumer chooses. We always deliberately transcribe and edit the conversation so that a meaningful blog is created as a by-product. (By the way, we've also gone the other way, creating an audio recording of a blog. See: https://blog.intercom.io/only-co...) The other practical benefit to this strategy is more data to evaluate for ROI. Practical benefit #2: more written content is good for SEO. Our approach to content measurement, regardless of the medium, is to look at both quantity and quality so we don't get fixated on gaming a metric at expense of the other. For the podcast, our quantity metrics include total plays on Soundcloud, our primary embed source, traffic to the complementary blog post and social media mentions. Our quality metrics include a mix of likes, reposts and comments on Soundcloud and then time on site, bounce rate and comments on the blog post. More subjective, but we also evaluate the tone/content of the comments we receive across all mediums. Do listeners seem legitimately interested in what we’re making? As an example, see Gabe's flattering comment below. :) It’s easy to hit a heart button or be a passive pageview, it’s more meaningful to use your own words.
@rrhoover "The medium is particularly difficult to measure because of the lack of data/feedback loops and sharability of audio content." sounds like a huge opportunity. Podcasts still in early days of mass adoption/awareness
Really looking forward to more episodes of this, first few have been fantastic! Their blog is one of the very few that consistently nails learning from a product-first perspective. Hoping this gets translated to the podcast format in some new, interesting ways 🙏
Conversations with practitioners from the worlds of product management, design, startups and marketing.