The Innovators

Short biographies about the digital age's key pioneers

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Eliot Peper@eliotpeper · author
Has anyone read this yet? Can you share what you thought? I loved Isaacson's other books but haven't decided on this one yet.
Ed WhiteHunter@spyhi · Unaffiliated superconnector in Honolulu
@eliotpeper I try to only share stuff I've read and thought was particularly good or useful, and I thought this book was both. Though it's short biographies of many individual people, it's really telling the broader story of how the digital age came about and how these people shaped it--or in some cases, failed to. While I wouldn't call it "actionable," I found the added context useful, and I found the stories to be rather inspiring, especially in places where Isaacson adds some texture and nuance to founder legends us tech types are all familiar with. I heartily recommend this book.
Eliot Peper@eliotpeper · author
@spyhi thanks, your recommendation is super helpful.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@eliotpeper you've had to have read his Ben Franklin biography right? a classic
Nick Hertz@nikitahertz · Associate, AddVenture fund
@spyhi You correctly point out that it's not directly "actionable", however some of the ideas ( mainly about collaboration) that are explored in the book have led me to come up with some great product features and make a somewhat significant change in long-term strategy of our company. (read the book 7-8 months ago, the change in strategy was a brilliant idea.)
Ed WhiteHunter@spyhi · Unaffiliated superconnector in Honolulu
@nikitahertz Absolutely, you're able to extract a ton of wisdom from this book which will definitely help you in the soft skills department, but it's insight you have to work for a bit, not an itemized list/formula. Honestly, I prefer it that way.