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Hi everyone, one of the people behind The Innovation Station (TIS) here. The Innovation Station is collecting and curating the best videos on innovation as well as making our own content on social and technological innovation. From the sharing economy to robotics, from drones to bitcoin, from startups to other disruptors. But this is the beginning, there is a lot more to come. We wanna put innovators from around the world in the spotlight and learn from eachother. We wanna be truly international. That's why we already had local reporters reporting from Indonesia and Russia and later this week from Kenya. Of course we love feedback and love to hear from you. But we hope you will add some videos on innovation to TIS too! Thanks for your attention!
A nice feature on this curators platform: you automagically get your own users page with all the video's you selected. You might add that link to your landing page and profiles elsewhere on the interwebs.
@ovanrijswijk true, your own channel!