The Inner Game of Tennis

Tips and tricks for managing your own psychology

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Of the many skills required to start and build a company, managing yourself to maximize the time you are performing at your peak is surely one of them. This book provides some techniques for doing so that are very simple and natural and more accessible than meditation or similar trends. It's also a quick read, a must for a founder, and I think my forehand may have improved, too!
Great book, and if you dig the Tennis metaphor here's another good one: Keep the Ball In: An Unconventional Approach to Winning in Tennis
@natekontny I hadn't heard of that book before now so thanks, love the title. My coach in juniors used to tell me, tennis is simple - just hit the ball over the net and inside the white lines one more time than the other guy. Done.
Definitely worth a read - Incredible book I would recommend to both entrepreneurs and tennis players. Promotes going with the flow and trusting yourself more. If things go sour, move on and don't let it mess with your game.
I just finished The Inner Game -- such an awesome read. Highly recommend to anyone in the trenches of building!
Tennis is a great game. Develops fortitude, endurance, ability to analyze