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Nice publication but $39/month - no way this will succeed - needs a different monetization model
@richard_kaplan in fact it has already been incredibly successful. Jesssica, the founder took a huge risk few years ago and its paying off. It’s one of the must tech newsletter with solid scoops.
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Echoing @adeel_van. The Information is one of the few subscription-driven independent publications that's working. I'm curious if @jessicalessin can share any numbers. 🤔
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@adeel_van @jessicalessin @rrhoover Hi guys! We have hundreds of thousands of registered users, well north of 10,000 subscribers, a team of 35, including the biggest tech news room in the Bay Area and are profitable. What else can I share? Also, if anyone wants to try us out, here's my personal $1 trial
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I tried, but it's too expensive for news that others also cover
So surprised this hasn't been hunted. I adore the Information. Their site design is next level, and the content is fresh/interesting.
I loved the few articles I've been able to read, no other publication shares that much data and in-depth studies. But there's no way I'll pay that much.
I love their weekly podcast "The Information's 411"!
@juleschaufour Thanks! Tom is the man.