The Influencer Economy

Launch your product, collaborate, thrive in the new economy

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I watched and been an active participant in Ryan's Influencer Economy journey for the past few years. It's been great to learn from him through the evolution of his workshops, talks, podcasts and now his book. At the core, his focus on community and collaboration as the foundation for launching your ideas, which is coincidentally how we've worked together as well. Can't wait to see how the journey evolves from here, Ryan!
@mikster thanks for the support @mikster and look forward to collabing with you again soon!
Just purchased, looks like a great book and has fantastic reviews. Thanks for writing it @ryanjwill and for hunting it @goforwes You can never have enough books! :D
@steerj92 @goforwes Thanks John! I would love to hear your thoughts, please send me a note when you crack the book open. What products are you working on?
@ryanjwill will let you know for certain! Launching a simplified web hosting service soon, and working on a side project app too. Will let you know how the book goes :D
Thanks @goforwes for hunting the book! Happy to answer questions all day today about launching products and collaborating to thrive in the new economy. The above video above is from my book tour launch event in Los Angeles. It outlines the 3 business launch steps 1) Launch Yourself 2) Collaborate 3) Thrive The book is a culmination of my years of start-up marketing work, 100+ podcast interviews with influencers, and the new methods to help us make awesome products through collabing. Additionally, I am giving a special discount to PH'ers who want to buy The Influencer Economy on Kindle. The book will be a $.99 kindle special all day for everyone. :)
Some truly great collaboration and launch ideas in this book!
@taracoomans thanks for the note and supporting the book early on!
Purchased this a couple weeks ago. Loved it! Ryan was able to gather really detailed insights from some of the most successful personal brands I've been following for awhile... the behinds the scenes stories we never get to hear. So inspiring. And then he has a great 3-step framework. It got my wheels turning about how to collaborate more with my peers and build my true tribe.
@danielleleslie Thanks @danielleleslie! Peer collabing is essential for building your tribe.