The Influencer Economy

Creators and Entrepreneurs talking about the next big thing

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Tons of stories of smart people creating businesses around digital/content/media. There are a lot of guests that don't often appear on business podcasts like Lady Gaga's former manager Troy Carter (Invested in Uber & Dropbox) & Harrison Barnes of The Warriors Good product ones too like BrendanMulligan, Hunter Walk & Justin Jackson
@cambel thanks! @ryanjwill is a great interviewer.
Thanks @ErikTorenberg! I love stories from people who have done it on their own as self-made entrepreneurs. The next generation of media companies are being launched by people not big companies. At Machinima I watched YouTube creators building-out brands and monetizing video, and through research I noticed a bigger trend across all media industries. The podcast will be bonus/complimentary content around the book. It's so hard to drop a book and launch a brand from scratch now. I wanted to lay the foundation with interviews pre-launch, building momentum for the release. Upcoming guests are Alan Sepinwall from and Jonah Keri from Bill Simmons' Grantland. And I'm interviewing @nireyal about Hooked in a few weeks. I normally don't tell future guests ahead of time, but I know he's active here. :)
Thanks Campbell. We're also writing a book around the Stories from the Influencer Economy. Some fun interviews with Product Hunters @HunterWalk @Mulligan @mijustin :) I'll be here all day to chat.
@ryanjwill where is the non-iTunes RSS URL for the podcasts?
@_jacksmith Thanks for listening. We enjoy podcasts, and love the medium. The theme music was created by a YouTube creator Flula : and we've trimmed down the beatboxes in recent episodes. :)
Host of The Influencer Economy, Ryan Williams, is amazing and he is committed to not only having a worth listening to podcast, but helping the podcasting industry grow, (I took his Podcasting 101 course at General Assembly). He's incredibly supportive. The guests on his show are high caliber like top YouTuber Freddie Wong and LA startup investor Troy Carter. He's a must watch for sure.