The Infatuation's iMessage App

Share restaurants or build your own list all within iMessage

Love seeing more social collaboration apps make their way into iMessage. iMessage is fast becoming the Slack of iOS (if that makes any sense) — i.e. the social runtime engine for third party apps. The Infatuation's integration with Foursquare makes this iMessage app even more useful!
@chrismessina thanks Chris! We're excited about using the platform to connect users and allow them to share and collaborate on lists of their favorite restaurants. Appreciate you posting.
This is great! I think it would be nice if I could also add just one specific restaurant to the thread/conversation from a list, as opposed to needing to send the entire list. Use case: I have about 8 restaurants near my office that are good for lunch meetings, I'd like to see the list and send one place as an option, as opposed to the entire list.
@abramdawson Thanks Abram! You can easily do this. Just search for the restaurant and one of the options is to send. It'll send as an individual card that anyone can click into to read more. We think that the list building is great but knew that sometimes you just want to share one spot quickly
@jesserose13 are you able to do this from within the list view?
@abramdawson ah no just within the app view. So you'd like to look a list sent to you and then send back just one of the options off of that list? If so, we cannot do that yet but great idea
@jesserose13 yeah, that would be useful (enable group decision making). My thinking was before even sending a list, just the ability to choose a specific restaurant *from* that list to send (instead of having to search for the restaurant – I realize this is lazy but just thinking through the use case where I already have 10 restaurants curated, I'd like to recommend 1 of those 10)
@abramdawson If you click a restaurant on the list, you can leave an emoji reaction for individual list items. This will get you most of the way there.
This is super cool! Congrats to a world class team that really, really cares about their product :)
Thanks @chrismessina! Hey PH - Trying to figure out where to go to dinner? Now you can quickly search for any restaurant via Foursquare search and share with friends. If The Infatuation has been, the review will be pulled in instead. From there it's easy to create lists and collaborate on them with your friends. Everyone can react to different list items with emojis. All without leaving the conversation.
Killing it! Congrats on the launch!