Find a restaurant that’s “Perfect For” every situation. Search and filter our vast database of carefully curated reviews & guides, via map or list view, in more than 32 cities.
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Hey PH - Team Infatuation here, We're excited to announce a huge update to our iOS app. We've rebuilt it from the ground up with a focus on finding what's around you. The new robust search and filter functions will ensure you find that best restaurant or bar for any occasion. This is only the beginning and we have a ton of ideas of where to take this next! Let us know if you have any questions
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how is it different from many other restaurant reviews and guide platform?
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@mary_samuelson Hey Mary - While the app may resemble some other prominent platforms, all of the content is written by our full-time editorial team to ensure it's reliable and trustworthy. Our focus is on relatable, situational content.
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I love The Infatuation! I used it all the time when I first moved to NYC. I wish there was a feature to see where friends have eaten/recommend eating as the best restaurant recommendations (hidden gems) are usually from my friends — have you thought about building something like this at all?
@taylormajewski That's awesome! This type of functionality is definitely on our minds. We have user accounts in our roadmap which would allow you to do that and more. We also have big plans for the new Zagat which is currently in the works.
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How do new restaurants get added?
@lksugarman Our team of full-time writers are constantly adding new spots to the platform. We only write about places that we've been to personally to ensure everything is trustworthy.
My wife and I are huge fans of The Infatuation. Nice to have an alternative to Yelp and the more ubiquitous review pages on Facebook and Google Maps. They’ve always had a high standard for content, and being in NY I know they have feet on the streets. Excited to play with the app more!
@justinotherjohnson Thanks Justin! Glad to hear you guys are fans!