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Mike Mignano
@mignano · co-founder, @anchor
For anyone who is interested in helping us test - we currently have a beta for the Android app (iOS beta coming soon). If you're interested in joining to get early access to new features, just reply or upvote here and we'll get in touch.
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Chris Stang
@houseofstang · Co-Founder & CEO, The Infatuation
Hey Product Hunt community. Glad to be here. Just a little background on The Infatuation. We launched this as a side project to our full time music industry jobs five years ago, simply as a resource for our friends. Our goal: to create quality, trustworthy, credible, and (hopefully) funny restaurant reviews that cater to the average diner. We found that peop… See more
Ben Rubin
@benrbn · Co-founder, Life On Air Inc
The Infatuation is amazing. I've been using the platform for over a year now, always delivers candid reviews. They also have good eye to find great restaurants and ignore the hype. Love them.
Phil Toronto
@philtoronto · Vayner Capital
The Infatuation is the best. They are the make or break for me whenever I'm finding somewhere new to eat. EEEEEATS!!!!!!!!!
Vivek M George
@vivekmgeorge · SALT - trysalt.com
I'm a huge foodie...surprised to see them on PH, but their editorial content is super solid. #eeeeeats
Giordano Contestabile
@giordanobc · CEO, Bloglovin'
The site is a required reading if you love food and want to read honest, straightforward reviews, and the app is great if you want to find the best options nearby wherever you are. I methodically chew my way through all of NYC's new (good) restaurants, and The Infatuation is one of my guiding lights. Highly recommended!