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Hey Product Hunt community. Glad to be here. Just a little background on The Infatuation. We launched this as a side project to our full time music industry jobs five years ago, simply as a resource for our friends. Our goal: to create quality, trustworthy, credible, and (hopefully) funny restaurant reviews that cater to the average diner. We found that people in our social circle were always coming to us (we eat a lot) for simple answers on where to go for a first date, or where to take their mom when she was in town for the weekend. And we found that they weren't finding that information in other places - be it user generated or otherwise. Since then, we've become a well known and trusted resource in NYC, and The Infatuation is our full time job (as of last spring). We're a small team, and we just launched in SF, Chicago, and Denver. LA is coming in April, and we'll have more national coverage rolling out over the next few months. Hope you like what you see, and please hit me up with any questions. -Chris
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@houseofstang Chris, great to see how you've progressed The Infatuation - I remember it as your side project. :-) How have you approach expanding beyond NYC?
@corleyh Hey Corley! Thanks. Our first and most important step is finding reviewers in new markets that fit our mold. By that I mean, people who are passionate about restaurants, knowledgable, and can write in a relatable and entertaining voice. That's the hardest part. Once we do find our team in each market, we spend a lot of time working with them to make sure everything feels right - often writing for months before anything gets published. From there, we're working hard to reach new people in whatever ways we can, which tends to vary market by market. Mainly we're after solid, organic growth - at least in this stage.
The Infatuation is amazing. I've been using the platform for over a year now, always delivers candid reviews. They also have good eye to find great restaurants and ignore the hype. Love them.
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The Infatuation is the best. They are the make or break for me whenever I'm finding somewhere new to eat. EEEEEATS!!!!!!!!!
I'm a huge foodie...surprised to see them on PH, but their editorial content is super solid. #eeeeeats
@vivekmgeorge hey Vivek. Thanks!
The site is a required reading if you love food and want to read honest, straightforward reviews, and the app is great if you want to find the best options nearby wherever you are. I methodically chew my way through all of NYC's new (good) restaurants, and The Infatuation is one of my guiding lights. Highly recommended!