The "How do I Auto Layout" Cheatsheet

A printable cheatsheet with most common Auto Layout answers

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Hello hunting iOS developers! I’ve been working with Auto Layout since it first came out and I still remember the frustration of wiring my into “thinking in Auto Layout” vs. “thinking in CGRects”. I’ve recently launched an email course on Auto Layout, which has helped over 200 developers so far. However, I discovered that most of the stuff I cover there makes sense when you’re learning, but it still requires a Google search every time something goes wrong. Stuff like “Why is my label not taking the new constraints into account?”, “How do I animate views with Auto Layout?”, “How can I make one view’s size a bigger priority than the other’s?” … All these things take some time to become a part of your mental toolbox. That’s why I created this printable “How do I Auto Layout” cheatsheet that answers the most common questions I and my fellow developers dealing with Auto Layout have when building UIs. If anyone has any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer!
Quick question. Can I print this Cheatsheet, even though I didn't take your free Auto Layout course?
@zagoricnik yep, of course! If you're already working with Auto Layout and are often struggling with questions I mentioned above, this is the best $5 spent to boost your productivity!