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Eddie Cohen
Eddie Cohen@eddiecohen
Super helpful information.
Jesse Michels
Jesse Michels@jesse_michels ·
@eddiecohen Thank you! You can use the lefthand side filters to filter by any/all the data points you care about (i.e. Eng. Headcount, Positions Available, Size, Funding, Location etc.)
Cory Levy
Cory Levy@cory · Co-Founder, ONE
Excited to see some of the applications
Jesse Michels
Jesse Michels@jesse_michels ·
@cory Just got one for ya!
Leo Schwartz
Leo Schwartz@leo_schwartz · Media strategist at PRX
Very cool, excited to check it out!
Jesse Michels
Jesse Michels@jesse_michels ·
@leo_schwartz Thanks, Leo!
Andrew Brackin
Andrew Brackin@brackin · Growth at Visor
Useful idea, hard to separate the noise in startups. Always good for candidates to get deeper info about companies.
Steve McGarry
Steve McGarryHunterHiring@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
@brackin Agreed. HSL is the first platform I've seen aggregate everything well.
Jesse Michels
Jesse Michels@jesse_michels ·
@brackin @stvmcg Thank you both! Couldn't agree more -- we think the user flow of most recruiting sites have it backwards. They ask the candidate for information before adding any value. We want to be the best and deepest source of information on growth startups, become a valuable resource to them and then provide quick/painless app process as well :)
Michael Ahdoot
Michael Ahdoot@mikeyahdoot · Co-founder of Habit Nest
This is cool ! Would save a lot of time w/at the very least sourcing applications if not steps of the whole process
Jesse Michels
Jesse Michels@jesse_michels ·
@mikeyahdoot Thank you Mikey! Agreed. Plenty of companies are doing awesome things down the funnel (i.e. reducing false positives/negatives in resume screening, better predictive tests etc.) -- we just want to be the best source of information on the best list of companies so we can attract quality candidates at the top of the funnel :)