The History Project

Your living time capsule for the memories that matter most

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Ever want to capture your life story of the life story of your parents and grandparents, but the task felt too daunting. The History Project gives you the tools to filter, unify and curate your most meaningful content into rich interactive stories organized on dynamic timelines, maps and printed into photobooks. We’re the opposite of snapchat. We’ve created a place where memories and stories that matter most can be stored properly, curated dynamically and shared privately. With physical assets vanishing and digital content overwhelming, our life stories and personal history is reduced to a set of disconnected assets scattered across our lives. For those who want professional support we also connect you with talented writers and journalists, who help digitize your assets and build your story. I originally built this to reconnect with my own father’s life and legacy and it’s our mission to eliminate the barriers to capturing, preserving and reliving the authentic stories of the past that impact our present and shape our future.