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Hi! I'm Barbara! I'm the cat mother / maker of Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot, the FIRST Skype chatbot in Austria. If you have any questions about the implementation or anything else, please don't hesitate to ask!
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@electrobabe congrats, barbara! bot mother ;)
@oreol_susenka god mother of bots ;)
Messenger 🤖 bots are the new apps 📱. No need to install anything, no need to figure out which app to remove to free up storage, low friction interaction. Also apparently a lot of the bots are 😽 cats (see Poncho the 🌦 weather cat). This is a new version of the hipster cat bot on the Skype platform. It gives you recommendations of hip restaurants, bars and cafes to check out.
Thank you @__tosh for hunting :))
What are the main differences between the Skype platform and the Facebook Messenger platform?
@__tosh in contrast to the facebook messenger implementation (see ) messages in Skype are structured differently. The Skype bot platform allows to send text, binaries (images) and links - structured messages with buttons such as on Messenger or on Telegram are not (yet) possible. Skype has 300Mio monthly users (Facebook Messenger has 900Mio, WeChat 700Mio), which makes it the THIRD largest bot platform!
Just tried it in berlin and got routed to st oberholz. qed ;)
@fdorfbauer st. oberholz is super hipster :))
Skype is so retro! Vintage messaging ;) totally hipster!
@oreol_susenka totally true ;) If you like the Skype chatbot, you will for sure also like the Facebook Messenger version: