The Heartbeat Podcast

Leaders share their biggest, hardest lessons learned.

A podcast about leadership hosted by Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team. In each episode, Claire interviews a leader she respects to distill their greatest management mistakes, business learnings, and advice.
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Claire Lew
CEO, Know Your Team
Hey lovely folks! I'm super excited to share The Heartbeat, our podcast on leadership, here on Product Hunt. We originally launched this podcast 2.5 years ago, as a way to capture the conversations I've been having with hundreds of leaders I respect and admire, over the years. To commemorate Episode #50 going out today, I thought it fitting to celebrate here on Product Hunt 🥳 Episode #50 of The Heartbeat is a special one: I invited @jasonfried, CEO of Basecamp, back on the show. He was our very first guest, years ago, and thought it'd be fun to record this commemorative episode with him. Check it out here, and would love to know what you think! 👇