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Not impressed with the sexy babe in swimwear marketing. Feels dated and somewhat sexist.
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@nilrod Somewhat? It's gross.
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@mattahorton I was being diplomatic...
@nilrod I agree. Attractive women shouldn't be allowed to use these headphones.
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@thejfkshow Yes, agreed. Only demographics represented in the commercial for a product should be eligible to purchase said product.
@nilrod Totally agree. Swimsuits are so sexist.
Might as well go wireless and get ready for the 7th ✂🎧😔
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@nivo0o0 I applaud you on your appropriate use of this gif. Carry on :D
Before Apple could launch wireless headphones, Bragi released a simpler version of the Bragi Dash headphones. They don't include fitness capabilities or any onboard storage. (Those didn't entice me anyways) They will sell for $149, but you can get them now for $119! Edit: Spec from site: Bluetooth 4.0 Playtime: Up to 6 hours Standby time: 250 hours Charging time: less than 2 hours
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@gabriel__lewis This is what I wanted from Bragi. At this price, I will buy them when they're on the market.
@gabriel__lewis original Dash Kickstarter backers also get an additional $20 off, making them $99 effectively. An amazing price point considering the features it offers. I was a Kickstarter backer for The Dash and couldn't resist getting these!
@iplop I can't find the Kickstarter for these – is it available yet? Or has it finished? Thanks!
@benstyles there is no Kickstarter for these. I apologise for being unclear in my comment, but by "Kickstarter" I meant the original Dash Kickstarter.
@iplop Ah I see. No worries, thanks for replying!
I also don't need the fitness or storage features... but what I am really missing is the option to charge them in the storage case... this is unfortunately not possible with the headphones. And six hours is just not enough for me for a whole day.
@jonas_petermann The Dash does do that and since The Headphones seem to use an almost identical case I assume that they also charge in the case.
@imaddin No they don't. It's not even possible to charge them with the Dash case. Bragi mentioned this on their FB page...
@jonas_petermann Do you know how else they are charged then? The Headphones have slightly different connectors on them compared to The Dash, but still seem to be there so that they can be charged in the case. Does the case for The Headhphones not contain a battery then?
@imaddin To be more clear: They are still charged in the case – via micro usb – but the case has no 2000mAh battery anymore which is a shame...
Are these actually out in the market? I'm kind of sick of seeing these pop up companies advertising wireless headphones but NONE of them have a purchasable product. This needs to get submitted to BetaList not ProductHunt