The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Essential advice on building and running a startup

BookGolden Kitty 2015
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If you are a CEO, aspire to be a CEO, or really, manage anyone - you need to read this book. A classic and centrepiece on a startups bookshelf.
@jonli what were some of the biggest takeaways?
@jonli @josuegio - This is my favourite book (top 5, I would say). There is so few books written actually about being it really hard, and not knowing what you are doing being the norm. Alongside the personal psychology of the founder(s). There is maybe one similar book by Andy Grove - Only Paranoid Survive (shortly said - your company is or will be under constant attack). Love the concept the the Wartime & Peacetime CEO time, which is so little written or talked about. Also what is so inspiring is how Ben or the company was vulnerable from personal stand point, and also how he talks about Marc Andreessen. This one should be on a school's curriculum! Highly recommend, as it would challenge the thoughts of what is really the norm for being both hard & a great founder at the same time.
@mskakala totally agree! Wartime CEO is what every startup needs in their early days. The hard days of Ben are so inspiring.
@josuegio just an example. From the beginning of our short journey I was supporting the team bottom up (sort of peace time..). In last month I decided exactly on Ben's book to shift the gears and go for results. Also gave the books to my time, and surprisingly I did not have to explain or demand anything. The whole team shifted the gears for next months. Interesting exercise, so inspiring!
During his LIVE Chat, @timoreilly described this book; "might just be the most compelling business book I've ever read." You can find Tim's full list of recent book recommendations here:
Holy moly! This is one of my top 10 books. Ben Horowitz is a real storyteller. I do not think that there is another name for this book, is all about that title. The idea of a Wartime CEO or a Peacetime CEO is super insightful.
The best business book I've read in a long time. Ben is a legendary operator. He founded, built, and sold Opsware. Then he partnered with Marc Andreessen to cofound one of the most successful venture capital firms in recent history, investing in Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Pinterest, etc. The book is a practical, actionable, personal guide to the constant struggle of building a business.