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Doug Ludlow
@dougludlow · CEO, The Happy Home Company
Thank you to TechCrunch's @anthonyha for the nice write-up about The Happy Home Company. http://techcrunch.com/2014/12/09...
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Josh Felser
@joshmedia · Cofounder
These guys took an incredibly useful service, typically only available to the very wealthy, and made it affordable by the average homeowner. This product / company is going to be huge which is why I invested.
Doug Ludlow
@dougludlow · CEO, The Happy Home Company
I'm the founder of The Happy Home Company, thanks for taking a look! If you'd like to try us out for free, use the invite code "producthunt" in the signup process - it will give you 6 months free.
Doug Ludlow
@dougludlow · CEO, The Happy Home Company
Tp answer @eriktorenberg 's question, I started The Happy Home Company because I'm a first time homeowner, and I realized that I'm totally unqualified to take care of my own home. I also have two little kids, so even if I was a little handy-er, I don't have the time. I needed someone to call when I had a problem (I was new to the area, and didn't know anyon… See more
Kevin Henry
@kevinleehenry · CEO, Accountable
This is so genius... I wish I had thought of it/invested in it. cc @joshmedia
Michael Sippey
@sippey · Person of Interests
This looks fantastic. Congrats @joshmedia on the investment. Going to give this a try for our house. :)