The Happiness of Pursuit

Finding the quest that will bring purpose to your life

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Tam PhamHunter@mrtampham · Community at Mixergy
This was recommend to me by my friend, Heath Padgett, who went on a major quest himself traveling to 50 states in an RV for his honeymoon (check out his story - We all want to "do something crazy" and this book digs deeper into that meaning. What exactly do you want to do? What do you want to get out of your next quest? How should you structure it? And what if you have a full time job and kids to take care of? Chris has the answers. Inside, you'll find pretty awesome stories of how people can find meaning traveling to all the countries in the world (Chris's story) or at the comfort of your own home serving your child a meal from a different country every dinner (true story). Would highly recommend :)
jamestodd@jamestodd · Serial encourager and delighter
@mrtampham I'm a huge Chris G fan. So much so that I have a direct link to his site so I don't have to remember how to spell "Guillebeau": www.thankfulthatchrispicksmyfrie.... That thankfulness comes from four years attending a remarkable unconference that he hosts ( and the unique filter for awesome people that has come out of it. @heathpadgett is one of many unconventional entrepreneurs I have met there, whom I now call friend. Chris also hosts another conference that's for makers and do-ers called Pioneer Nation ( That weekend of fantasticness is happening in ONE MONTH. Based on this reminder, I'll hunt that conference tomorrow.
Tam PhamHunter@mrtampham · Community at Mixergy
@jamestodd that is awesome!!! direct link is perfect too haha :)