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** New users will need an invite code to get in. The "producthunt" invite code is about to run out but follow us on twitter @gyroscope_app and we'll be releasing new ones every day! ** The app works with HealthKit data, but you should add some more integrations to access all of the features. We recommend connecting RescueTime for the brain & productivity data, or Moves/Foursquare for the location reporting.
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@aprilzero @myusuf3 Amazing work on the app guys! Love everything about it and watching the progress Gyroscope is making. Keep up the hard work!
@aprilzero hey, I actually just downloaded this yesterday or the day before. Am I missing anything w/out the product hunt code? ;)
@andym_dc Nope, that just lets you in from the waitlist if you are a new user.
@aprilzero Congrats Anand! I've been following you since you made that legit Dragon Interactive design years ago :P
Not a fan of the required FB login.
@anodigital It'll be neat to try the app once there's an alternative login. Until then, I guess I'll just wait on the list.
@anodigital This was initially what held me back, but I had to create a very private FB account to manage some client pages (I don't have an FB profile) and have used it since before it went live. Well worth the slight hassle.
Beautifully crafted! The design really kicks ass. Is there going to be an Android app?
@aramiggs Yes, once this version has been released we plan to start on an Android version as well. We're using React Native so hopefully that won't take too much longer.
@aprilzero @aramiggs psst - just checking in to see if the Android version is available yet :)
Why don't you offer any other way to sign-up? Why not just email, and then let user choose to connect to other services or not! I really wonder about this. Your app and service looks awesome but I just don't understand and like the idea behind Facebook login :\
@amirmasoudabdol We believe this is the simplest and most secure way to do logins. For people that have Facebook accounts, it is much more convenient.
@aprilzero I agree with simplicity reasoning, for people who has Facebook account! You could still have your "best" sign up method but provide a tiny tiny text for the rest of "people" (who exist) and don't have Facebook account! You don't even provide let say Twitter login! I understand that you keep the data private but Facebook login will give you the most even if it's private! and Friends etc. Anyway, it's your decision but I think simple login method will give you the same amount of info from user anyhow because they wanna get the most of it so they will connect their online accounts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This is so awesome, really excited about where this product is going. I've been using Gyroscope on web for a while now, and I especially love how it figures out how many times I go to the gym each month. Some other features I think would be cool: - Advanced search feature of places I've been within a specific region: solves the case where I can't remember the name of a restaurant or bar I visited but I know where it was and roughly when I visited. - Financial data integration: correlate my transaction history to location to tell me where I spend the most money, where I've eaten, where I shop, etc. - Maybe something with Gmail data. That's a pretty rich data source and has more users than RescueTime, could provide analytics on transactions, interactions with friends/coworkers, etc.