The Guide to Project Management

Learn to manage projects like a pro with this free guide.

The Guide to Project Management is a concise field guide to project management.

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I met Brett when he was over in sunny Manchester while giving an excellent talk about Project Management with Sam Barnes. Totally knows his stuff. This guide looks excellent and nicely laid out. Good luck on PH today. PS. Love the hash tags :)
@stephenvoisey thanks for the kind words! Brett does know his stuff!
Hey everyone! Thanks for all the votes. It's great to see this guide resonating with so many people. Even if you don't call yourself a "Project Manager," chances are you will need to manage a project at some point in your career. We realized very quickly that people are looking for a concise resource to help build on this skill. We reached out to our friend Brett Harned, a well known and respected thought leader in the space of digital project management, and asked him if he would work with us on a guide. This is the result! The guide covers everything from creating a proper project plan, to communicating with the stakeholders and everything inbetween. We are working with Brett on some other resources as well, so we would love to hear your feedback. What else can we help you with? How can we improve on this guide?
Can we download the guide in pdf to my laptop? Thank you in advance.