The Growth Marketer's Playbook is a great toolkit for learning how to scale startups from idea to seven figures. Learn how to avoid the mistakes that 90% of startups and rapidly scaling companies make by uncovering the high impact areas of growth. Jim is an expert at this stuff and now he's sharing that knowledge in a great package.

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I've known Jim for a few years. He's worked hard for a ton of startups and scaling companies to help them with their growth strategies and execution. He's bundling all of that knowledge into the Playbook now, which is going to be a helpful tool for any startup (at any stage) that's looking to test new ways of growth and figure out what works.
thank you @byosko Hey all, I'm very excited to share The Growth Marketer's Playbook & all the resources my agency uses for growth. It's packed with everything I’ve learned while teaching Techstars startups & helping grow VC-backed businesses at our growth agency, GrowthHit. Hope you enjoy it. Also, here is a promocode for all Product Hunt users: DISCOUNT: Get 25% OFF with promocode "PHUNT25" Thanks, Jim

Jim knows what he's talking about. That really comes through in this book. Some examples but mostly the guiding principles of how to duplicate other companies growth for your business. I think it's a great combination. It's not super-advanced either, I feel like it's all very reachable for most audiences.

Just remember, it's work! There are no magic bullets. This book makes that clear, and frankly I like that a lot better than someone selling "overnight success" tactics.

One thing to note, if you are no stranger to Growth Marketing - for example - if you have read every post on since it launched and follow Sean Ellis and Sujan Patel like they are your best friends, this may not be the best book for you. It is extremely powerful for early to mid level growth marketers and business owners trying to grow. But an already advanced modern marketer may not get earth-shaking insights here. Still, everyone can use reminders.

Basically, get the book. It's great : ) I've read it twice already and it's time well spent.


Easy to read, focuses less on theory and more on real world examples.


Not a very big book, for some maybe that's a pro.

Love the concept. Nothing better than learning from someone that’s been there and done that. Would be great if you could opt in for a free snippet (think sample PDF). @jimwhuffman does the online course expand on the concepts in the book or introduce some new ones entirely?
@codyfitzpatrick great point! Yes, you can download the first chapter for free on the book's site here: https://growthmarketersplaybook.... Yes, the online workshop goes into more detail on how to actually apply the principles from the book and it has more case studies not mentioned in the book. I learn much better from examples so I put more in the online workshop.
@jimwhuffman Thanks for the reply. Wow, I did not even notice the section about the free chapter on the landing page -- my apologies! I am going to check this out. P.S. Do you ever come down to Miami for Techstars events?
@codyfitzpatrick ha - i think that also means we need to lay out the landing page better. Nothing on the calendar for Miami yet but I would jump at anything that pops up. Love it down there.
Jim was one of our expert mentors at Techstars, he provided us with a huge amount of value by helping us build up our marketing and growth strategy. I'm really happy that he's put all this knowhow into an easily digestible book, looking forward to using this as a reference into the future.
@james_wilkinson2 man I should give you a kick back for that post. Much appreciated James! Cheers, Jim