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Cody Juric
Cody Juric@codyjuric · Growth Marketer
Thanks so much @marketergraham. Really excited to share this handbook with everyone. The Growth Marketer Handbook is a collection of 15 interviews I conducted with top notch growth marketers in the bay. It started as a concept, inspired by the numerous conversations had with growth fellows - new to growth marketing or freshly entering the job market - about what it meant to be a growth marketer, how to ideally shape oneself for longterm success and immediate impact, and how to position yourself for the job market. It became a handbook, after 80+ hours of elbow grease, and has turned into advice on these topics from many successful growth marketers such as Hiten Shah, Ivan Kirigin, Casey Winters, Julie Zhou. Hope everyone enjoys!
Dani Loebs
Dani Loebs@daniloebs · Marketing Consultant
@codyjuric I'm looking forward to reading this Cody, thank you for the hard work!
Cody Juric
Cody Juric@codyjuric · Growth Marketer
@daniloebs you're welcome and let me know if you have any thoughts while reading. Certainly some rough edges to improve on for a potential version2.
Graham Hunter
Graham HunterHunter@marketergraham · Marketing @ Patreon
This was written by @codyjuric , former head of marketing at a 500 Startups company. It interviews 15 awesome growth practitioners and is more aimed at getting into the industry.
✨Lauralynn Stubler✨
✨Lauralynn Stubler✨Hiring@lauralynnz · growth & retention @ cushion.ai
This is fabulous! thanks for sharing Cody!
Cody Juric
Cody Juric@codyjuric · Growth Marketer
@lauralynnz thanks, definitely!