The Growth Manifesto

Drive growth in a fast-changing digital world.

The Growth Manifesto is for business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs and shares insights, strategies and tactics being used on the front line to drive record-breaking results month after month after month.

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Thanks for hunting :) The team at Web Profits and I have been working on The Growth Manifesto for the last 6 months. It started off as an outline for our internal training program but @SujanPatel had the idea of turning it into a book so other companies could get the benefits. It breaks down the digital marketing approach I’ve learnt over the last 16 years. Hope you enjoy it. Use the code: pr0ducthun1 to get $20 off
@sujanpatel @alexcleanthous Good idea with the code! Bought it right away, excited to learn from the book :).
@kuzeljan Thanks Jan 😄 Have fun!
So pumped to read this! Awesome.
I really excited to read this and particularly want to find out how you keep your strategy fluid.