The Growth Machine by Yaguara

Combine your company data and goals in three simple steps

The Growth Machine is a tool by Yaguara that combines your high-level goals and favorite tools to create a customized ‘growth guide’. With this resource our goal is to share the new way of using data to drive results across an entire organization.
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Hello Product Hunters! I’m J.D., and along with my crew we’re the makers of Yaguara. Today we are excited to share our new and improved version of ‘The Growth Machine’. We initially built the tool so teams could visualize how to tie their high-level company goals to all of their top tools they use everyday. But over time we discovered that the tool needed to become a dynamic resource so people can get creative and build their own upcoming strategies. ❓The problem we’re solving At Yaguara we believe companies are built around two fundamental pieces: team goals and data. And for too long the process of getting insights to your team has been convoluted and filled with unnecessary obstacles. The Growth Machine is a tool that combines the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your business, providing a relatable, digestible overview of how to use data to drive results. Basically its our belief one shouldn’t have to be a data scientist working in a complex tool or undergo a long expensive implementation to start making decisions on the data that matters most to achieve success. 🎰 How it works The Growth Machine calls for you to submit three simple steps of information: 1) High-level personal goals 2) Favorite metrics you’d like to track and/or achieve 3) Tools and data you utilize daily We have spent a fair amount of time providing customized outputs based on the wide variety of ambitions out there for the masses, so it should be a nifty resource regardless of your shape and size. 🐆 About Yaguara Yaguara was designed to help teams become aligned, data driven, and proactive. Our goal is to provide your team with the new way of using data to drive desired results. Now everyone can play a part in growth. The Growth Machine only takes about a minute to finish. We’d love to get your feedback and are more than ready to answer your questions: - J.D. & The Yaguara Team
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