The Growth Hacking Box

Everything you need to start growing your business

The growth hacking box is filled with 6 sets of cards that are designed to help you think differently about your tactics and actionable tips to improve them. Everything from drawing ideas out from team members to how to acquire, convert, and retain customers, and beyond. The idea is to step away from your computer, and think out the 'box'.

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Just bought mine! Can't wait to check it out. What an awesome idea, Tiffany.
I was surprised by the number of cards that I arranged in the ‘to-do’ section...there’s still much more to be done, and these cards are a great way to determine areas where you can still direct efforts, no matter how long you’ve been working on a project.
Thank you for sharing Flowjo’s Growth Hacking Box, @nikkielizdemere Hi everyone! A year and a half ago, I embarked on this insane product creation journey. It was based on one idea: How can we get answers to our biggest growth & marketing problems WITHOUT Google searching? For years, every time I faced a challenge, whether it be in a publishing company, startup or agency, I always ran to my computer and started looking up tips & tactics, inspiring stories and youtube videos. It always ended the same, I wasted two hours of my life and I didn't have a solid strategy to move forward with. So I decided to create a Growth Hacking Box. It sits on your desk, you can take it anywhere, and it allows you find solutions that fit with whatever problem you're having. In this box you’ll learn how to... - Brainstorm new ideas - Acquire new leads - Convert leads to customers, - Retain customers & reduce churn - Getting customers to advocate for you - Find new ways to cash in With 100 different ideas, you now have a game plan, you have ideas that have been tested and used, and it's all nicely organized. ** OFFER ** The first 200 people that purchase Flowjo’s Growth Hacking Box will get 20% off your order. Just use the discount code: PH2017 at the checkout. (after payment information) Love to hear what you think! Tiffany
@bellastone No shipping to Europe? :/
@plaetzchen I'll make an exception ;) Try again and You should see European rates now.
Nice work, really like the concept! Just ordered my growth hacking box.
@trevorhatfield Thanks so much!
@trevorhatfield That's so awesome of you!
Ordered 2! One for a friend, got that free shipping + PH discount :)
@shervinater Amazing! Thanks so much! :)
Ordered! What I'm excited about this is there's a tangible way to sort through all of the ideas. Thanks for creating this Tiffany!
@jdquey Yay! that's so awesome to hear. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!