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Excited to post this as I know about all the hard work, love and care that went into this book by @jeff_goldenberg. Congratulations on the launch! I have two questions for you: 1. What's the most common mistake you see startups make when it comes to growth marketing? 2. What has been the biggest takeaway from the experience of publishing your first book?
@darynakulya Hi Daryna, Thanks for the question. The most common mistake is growth hacking too quickly. Like Kanye says "you need to crawl before you ball!" or in this case you need to achieve demonstrable product-market fit before you growth hack. If you can't distill your value proposition into a short sentence, get it in front of your specific target segment and elicit a response, then don't spend time and money on growth. I've really enjoyed publishing a book. I enjoyed the research, the interviews, the people I met, the process and the collaboration. I was motivated to show people that you don't have to be highly technical to growth hack effectively. I highly recommend that everyone with a good idea should try writing a book one day!
It's a great read. The number of instant hacks to implement makes it a handy resource.
@1greigcranfield Thanks Greig. Appreciate the kind words. People definitely want books that are highly actionable, so we set out to make a book that was a recipe book for marketers.
@jeff_goldenberg Yep, it comes through :) Mark is speaking at the first Product Hunt meetup here in Auckland next month. Looking forward to it.
@1greigcranfield he's really funny! that will be an awesome talk!
I love how this guide really carefully balances stuff that technical marketers can do easily, with hacks for people who freak out at the mere mention of the words "code snippet". Great job @jeff_goldenberg! Amazing resource.
@kerenyp thanks very much for the comment. Appreciate the support! The best pet is for the more advanced marketer, you can read between the lines, mix and match hacks, and get new ideas that combine our hacks with ideas you've already been thinking about. Marketing alchemy! Thanks again
Bought it now.. Excited to start reading..
Reading the Book Now Looks Good and Promises to keep you away the Age Old "Hotmail Hack"