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Hi everyone! Today we're showcasing our donation platform and API for nonprofits, NGOs, and campaigns! We processed more than 9 million donations during the 2016 election. Now we have an API and drop-in scripts that let you run your own fundraising campaigns. Use our pre-built block, or roll your own experience with the API. We integrate with services like Mailchimp and Salesforce, and have a feature-rich dashboard so you can track your progress. We also offer many other APIs to complement your fundraising efforts: Signups, Events, Accounts, P2P Fundraising.
@hodgesmr Matt, I'm an ED at a non-profit. How can I connect with you/your team? I have a lot of questions about how you integrate and who you view as your competitors.
@sccornwell Hi Sarah! Sure, if there's some stuff you'd like to discuss, feel free to reach out at and one of us will respond ASAP :)