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Hi everyone, Today we'd like to share with you our API for building and activating communities for social good, The Groundwork. The platform helps nonprofits, social enterprises and any organization looking to build a modern movement collect supporter data, raise money, engage supporters, measure progress, and integrate data into existing marketing and management tools. We built The Groundwork because for far too long, people in the social impact community have been using technology that doesn’t scale to their ambition. Existing tools are retrofitted to their needs, aren’t comparable in quality to products in other sectors, or are too large of a budget strain or time suck. And custom developing tools from scratch is a strain on resources that are better invested in other efforts. Our API is powering the backend of websites and mobile apps for progressive organizations like Hillary for America, the UN's Refugee Agency in the US, Washington Leadership Academy, Proud2Share, Lonely Whale, the Fund for Public Housing in NYC and many other small and large organizations around the world. We've supported: Over 9 million successful donations Over 36 million supporter signups submitted Over 223,000 Events hosted, with over 2 million RSVPs Over 60 million transactional email messages (donation receipts, etc.) sent Over 2.9 million user accounts created 99.999% uptime We'd love your feedback on what we've built. All of our API docs, JS Library and Blocks can be found here: https://developer.thegroundwork....
@esbrigham looks super interesting. I love the fact that you design it with API in mind upfront. I would LOVE to use it outside the US and I believe multi language support would be great feature for organizations outside the US. would love to help you with the translation. I've experienced some bugs when creating a new event without a specific location - "Could not create Event: 400 BAD REQUEST ["No geocoding results."], Also I would add NA as a state for supporters living outside the US. Great work guys. good luck!
@gal_mojah_bracha Thanks for the nice comments. Multi-language support is absolutely on the roadmap! We've seen a lot of interest from developers around the world and will keep you in mind when we need help with translations. Regarding the error message, we built events to have specific locations, so that one's a feature not a bug. Please see more information in our API language (https://developer.thegroundwork....) and in the product note (https://developer.thegroundwork....). I will share your suggestion for NA as a state for supporters living outside the US with our product team.
I LOVE this idea, but I'm having a hard time figuring out who'd use it, and how - Maybe you could show how it compares to a previously implemented solution? How it was actually implemented... Do you plan to release any of these tools as stand alone open source projects? Smaller chunks, probably not as useful as the entire ecosystem, but still provide value?
Hi @nirbenita - thanks for the comments. The Groundwork is primarily a set of developer tools for those at nonprofits, social enterprises or agencies working with groups who want to sign up supporters for their causes, take donations, manage events and send transactional emails related to those activities. We see many of our customers plugging The Groundwork into the backend of what they've developed on Wix, for example, for their websites. Here are some examples of our customers' sites, all using The Groundwork to power their community building and activation initiatives: http://www.washingtonleadershipa...
How does this work? 🤔
Hi @ambonium - The Groundwork serves as the backend infrastructure for your website or mobile app with micro services for supporter sign ups, donations, events management and transactional messages associated with those activities. Please see all our developer docs (API reference, JS library and Blocks) here: https://developer.thegroundwork....