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  • Olivier
    Oliviercyboolo - Plateforme freelance

    Easy to start with


    Integrations and embedded code is very limited. API difficult to use

    Good product for one page website. I used it for my website

    Olivier has used this product for one year.
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Floyd Miller
Floyd Miller@hiimfloyd · Head of Customer Experience, Albert
What is this sorcery?
Adam Kazwell
Adam Kazwell@kaz · Product manager/observer
Now that some time has passed, how are people liking this product? Living up to the hype of the intro video?
Matt@mzuvella · Director of Marketing @ FamePick
@kaz Still hasn't launched to my knowledge.
Julian Mackler
Julian Mackler@julianmackler · Photographer & Videographer @InstaWed
@kaz total sham
Filip Mares
Filip Mares@filipmares · Engineering, Skype
Great video! Did anyone think of TRON when they saw this?
Paul Jarvis
Paul Jarvis@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
Ha, you beat me by 1 MINUTE hunting this :)
Menachem Pritzker
Menachem Pritzker@mdavep · CEO, TheHomeFixers
They just announced a beta release to a couple of hundred founding members. Anyone know of any sites spotted in the wild using this?
Forrest O.
Forrest O.@forresto · hack
@mdavep You can find ones without custom domains with