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Curated authentic pizza guide for your city

Easily find and compare Neapolitan pizza in your city.
Currently listing 8 US cities with more on the way.
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Hey Hunters! I've been working on this product over the last couple of months with the idea of simplifying how people find and compare neapolitan pizza restaurants in a city. It allows people to easily see what the pizza looks like a given restaurant, what the place looks like inside, and how much their margherita pizza costs (not everyone gets that pizza, but it's a good reference). This basic information can sometimes take several minutes to find for just one restaurant on yelp/google, so this tries to accelerate the decision process. Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think! Got a city you want listed? Or a different food group you think would be great for a sibling product? Drop a comment! Thanks, Ben
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Any plans to expand outside the USA?
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@al_gepe there's a "Suggest a city" at the end of the list where you can, apparently, add any city in the world.
@al_gepe yes definitely! I'm focusing on the US market for now to test it's uptake. But plan on expanding likely to Australia and Europe next.
This is really cool. I plan to visit the US soon and wanna try out all the yummiest places so this will come in handy
@reina good to hear, let me know you're feedback if you do get a chance to use it!
Looks good @benkaiser. Love the simplicity of the idea. Nicely done.
@felixclack Thanks mate! Saw the suggestion come in for Noosa and I knew it was a high likelihood it was you!
@benkaiser ;) Lots of pizza here too.