The Good Night Book

A bedtime children's book designed to help kids fall asleep.

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I may be biased, (since I'm the author/product creator of this), but I think this product is pretty damn good. It was created out of my frustration with bedtime with my two kids. They fought me at bedtime and would go to sleep really late. So I decided to create a book that I could read to them to help them fall asleep, even faster. It's designed to get kids to anticipate sleep while feeling a sense of security. I also added a little dose of optimism and poetry into it. I hope this helps many parents at night.
@rodconwi If this helps parents get their kids to sleep I'm sure you will be getting lots of praise! I'm a godfather so get the easy part and I know too well the struggles my cousin has had with getting their two young ones into good sleep patterns!