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#5 Product of the DayMay 04, 2014
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Paul Jarvis
Paul JarvisHunter@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
Hey Hunters (that just sounds good), I wanted to try a little pre-release of my book, before the print version is ready and before it hits amazon. Although the book talks a ton about creativity and art, it's also for entrepreneurs and developers—because both groups I feel are very creative. This book represents a lot of research and fun. I even hired an illustrated (the very talented Nick Jarvis, no relation) to draw each of the habits I talk about in the book. May the fourth be with you, Paul.
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
I'm intrigued! Is there a sample chapter somewhere? :)
Paul Jarvis
Paul JarvisHunter@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@pjrvs - Love the illustrations. It drips w/ personality. You've launched a few books in the past. How do you market them? Have any pro tips to share?
Paul Jarvis
Paul JarvisHunter@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
@rrhoover thanks! my marketing has been writing content, since i'm a much better writer than i am a sales person. so marketing has included: * writing for lots of publications with bigger readerships than i have, like forbes, fast company, the next web, smashing magazine (all of which has links to my books in the bio). * growing and cultivating my mailing list. this is where most sales come from. i write them a new article every week that i hope adds value to their lives/business and in turn, when i release a product/book, most sales are generated from the list. * cultivating relationships with other authors, bloggers, internet folks. not because i want to sell at them, but because we all support each other and what we do. those are the main things. none of them are quick/easy tactics, but i've worked for myself for more than 16 years, so i'm in this for the long haul :)