The Good Cards

A real life, pay it forward app where people do good deeds

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Greetings to all of the Product Hunters! Have you ever thought about doing good anonymously for a stranger? Would you like to track the impact of your good deeds? Would you like to be inspired by stories of kindness? You might wonder, why are we asking you all these questions? Well.. that’s what The Good Cards is all about. Long story short: you do something good anonymously, and you pass the card forward to the next person. To make it easy, our mobile app sends you on a gamified real-life missions and helps you to see the ripple effect of your good deeds. To create unforgettable experience and see the global collective impact you can track the journey of your cards and get inspired by the good deeds stories happening worldwide. Sounds good, right? The solution is as well customized for companies and brands, so they can collectively play with their employees and customers. Today The Good Cards are present in 17 countries with more than 196 good-deed chains started. Right now, we are in the beginning of our journey: there are 9 days left until the end of our Kickstarter campaign. So far we have reached our goal - we have raised $10,000! But… we set the goal wrongly and to be honest we need much more funding in order to really put this project on the next level! We want to invite PH community to become part of our movement! So check our Kickstarter campaign and be part of it: Till now the access to the app was closed for the cards owners, but now we have prepared special QR code that gives you the access to take first challenge of Kindness: self-love mission. Download “The Good Cards” app and scan the QR on one of the picture above. We are always striving to improve, so feel free to leave us feedback as well as ask any questions! Thanks for checking us out! Let’s make this world a better place collectively :) ! Dorota, Pawel, Corey &Ward The Good Cards Team
@dorotaforworld signed up. I'll be rooting for you.
@igoruphere thank you Igor!
This sounds a lot like @sowingdeeds. It's a great idea!
This is amazing! How did you guys come up with the idea?
@agaaa Thank you so much! We were looking for a way to multiplicate happiness and spreading goodness around the world! A Huge inspiration for us was a Tomorrowland and Pay it forward movies! Highly recommended to watch and get inspired!
Great project. What are some examples of good deeds in the game?
@norbertdragan Hello! Let me give you a sneak pick of the first missions in the game! #1 Mission: Helps you to get out of your comfort zone and do sth for yourself you've always dreamed about! #2 Mission: Helps you to strengthen the relationship with your close friend and family member and appreciate what connects you both. #3 Mission: Helps you to grow your empathic side and help strangers in the anonymously and secretly way what makes you feel happier! Sounds good?
Thank you all for the upvotes! It's amazing to see you are interested in doing good! :D We're live on Kickstarter: We need much more funding! :D <--- CLICK HERE AND HELP US CHANGE THE WORLD! Thanks to all #GoodGeeks! :)