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The Gluten Project is the first website in the world for searching all 35,000+ certified gluten free products!

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You probably know someone who has Celiac disease because it afflicts 1 in 100 people. My wife is one of those. Celiac forces you to only buy certified gluten free products because it guarantees the product has been independently verified to contain less than 10ppm gluten. The FDA requirement for a generic "gluten free" label is less stringent, not verified, and often inaccurate. We became fed up with the challenge of finding certified gluten free products and decided to fix it once and for all! Over the next few months, we'll be adding affiliate links to all products for purchasing from Amazon, Walmart, and other online merchants. Additionally, we'll add filtering and sorting options for other food allergies since many people with gluten disorders are allergic to other ingredients. Back in October we set up a simple landing page using to collect email addresses. The response in gluten free Facebook groups was incredible. Clearly this would be a success if we can execute. Last month I used my break in consulting gigs to work full time on the MVP. We launched after only 2.5 weeks, one of which was spent on design. We're super enthused about the future of The Gluten Project and would love to (1) hear your feedback and (2) have your help in spreading the word! FOR THE TECHIES: ✔ 😱 All code is open source: ✔ Next.js ✔ Styled-components ✔ CSS grid layout ✔ backend ✔ Algolia search ✔ Hosted with ZEIT
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@beedesignllc do you have backlog item that enables contributor and reviewer options?
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@filiz_gokce yes, I think we'll add ability to review and/or rate products. Is that what you were asking? I'd love to hear more about what you envision here!
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@beedesignllc Feature is look like feeding system. Users able to add new gluten free products. Added products are going to be verified until receiving enough approval from other users. This is going to increase the products availability on your system.
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I love this - it's just like google but for gluten free items.


Easily search for any product and get simple results



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Interesting. When my sister in law (celiac) was visiting me in the US we were unable to find an official list of allowed products. And in the supermarket you can see oatmeal that says “gluten free” when one of the forbidden products is the oat! It was so confusing. I don’t know if in my country we’re more strict in this case or oat is really allowed.
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@leech YES! That's exactly what it's like. Terrible! Hopefully this project will become a success, so we have some power to change some of this stuff.
@leech I should also add that oats are naturally gluten free. The problem is most oats are processed along with wheat and are contaminated. But if you get certified gluten free oats, then you can be confident they haven't be contaminated!
@beedesignllc This is something I learnt after seeing that in the US stores. I don't know why in my country (Argentina) oat is basically completely forbidden. In fact, the slogan of the Argentinian Celiac Association is: "Sin TACC" which means "Sin Trigo, Avena, Cebada, Centeno" (translated: "Without Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye"). Not sure if it's misinformation (I don't think so, there's a department that analyzes products searching for gluten), or a different kind of Oats in South America. Thanks for your effort helping people get their lives a little better :)
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@leech Wow that's interesting. So oats and other grains can be a "cross-reactor" for gluten and cause people problems from that. My wife has this so she can't eat gluten OR any grains.
@beedesignllc right, so it's super important about the elaboration. I assume we don't care much about that in our country :P
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Both my sister and girlfriend are diagnosed celiac. Are you planning on adding links to European stores as well? And will you only add online or also offline buying opportunities?
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@fishsander Good question! US only to start, but then we want to go global. I imagine Europe would be next. Online merchants to start, but then add local buying options too. The latter is much harder to get the data for!
My friend can't consume gluten, so at parties and such, she can't eat most of the stuff there. Will be recommending this to her! Thanks @beedesignllc!
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@lamaalrajih Aw yes, I totally know how she feels! We have to take my wife's food everywhere we go. Visit family – take food. Go out to eat – take food. Go on vacation – take food.
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